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The past few days i've been gettn put to matches where some of my team just leaves when Im pretty fed at top lane...

What happen just few minutes ago, I wen 46-3-6(roughly), my adc bot and jungler left, and was left w/ a teemo and a garen.. before they left i was already pretty fed and got a quadra kill after they left.. but as the game goes on of course gold increases so the full enemy team got really strong but i can 2 hit them with dash and my Q(spank).. but we still lost..

Please tell me what I should do at situations like this, I also knew that I can 3v1 but they know if I can get3 of rm, we can win, but they always ran in pairs... please help what I should have donee to win.

Game summary is at lolking, search for zVondre for my build and such.. Will greatfully take advice...

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