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Wellington League of Legends Tournament

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We have started running a series of tournaments up in Auckland and because Wellington is my home town there is no way we were going to let you miss out.

Signup Here: http://www.lollanbattle3.eventbrite.com
Spread the word: http://www.facebook.com/events/197219813743818/

Our number one goal is a player focused, smooth running regular tournament scene in NZ. This is not about big prizes. It's about growing a scene which will have on going competition and events.

Registrations open NOW and close Sunday 7th October 11pm with no late entries. This is so we are 100% prepared on the day of the tournament.

So sign up quick, start practicing and see if any of you Wellington lads can show as good games as VGR in Auckland

Saturday 13th October 10am - 6pm

Skynet Gaming Cafe, Lvl 1 49 Manners St, Wellington

Strictly limited to 8 Teams. Team consists of 5 Players plus 2 optional reserves.

2 Pools of 4 Teams. Each Team plays the other 3 Teams in their Pool (Best of One).
Top 2 Teams of each Pool move in to a Single Elimination Bracket, which is Best of Three.

$50 per Team. No late registrations. Registrations close Sunday 7th October 11pm

The joy of slaying your opponents & your name on a big trophy. 1st Prize $100, 2nd Prize $50, 3rd Prize Skynet Gaming Cafe time.

Detailed rules & match schedule will be released shortly