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My tournament participants did not get prizes after 1 month?

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I ran a high school tournament over the summer months in Ontario, Canada. I submitted a request in April/May to which they replied on May 16th. My tournament ended late August (which is approximately within two weeks of the date I submitted) and I even sent an email to the person who contacted me (on August 18th) to tell him that we were still active just to be safe.

When my tournament ended near the end of August and I finished organizing all the documents online and replays and etc, I sent an email for prize submission to this coordinator on August 28th.

After a few weeks my participants messaged me regarding not receiving the prizes and I told them to wait 2-3 weeks. I sent the coordinator another email on September 16th asking about my tournament. No response to my emails.

It has been almost a month now and my players still have not received their prizes. Is there a mod that can help me with this situation? I have all the emails/documents.

Tournament submission #1609

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where did u guys host this tournament, was it in toronto?

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I have the same problem!!! i got my email back Aug 9th i submitted it on Aug 8th.. i ran my tourney all on 1 day Sept 8th. after they tourney was done i then submitted then winners right after.. its now Oct 8th.

I have yet to get a email confirming it, nor did any of my winners receive any credit to there account..

I have also tried to email LoL support vs the Tourneys support...


I am sorry, but we are not in direct touch with eSports team. I am sorry but there is nothing we as Player Support department can do for you in this matter.

Player Support Specialist
Riot Games

^^ thats all i got.. Sub# 2194

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note i followed everything that riot asked for i showed proof of everything it was ran on a Bracket system From our site...