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About this Honor system

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So ever since the game clicked for me, I've felt pretty good about playing most games.
sure there's the few games where it's a little irritating because of how much I screw things up for the team, but I learn from them.

Just a few minutes ago, I played a ranked game on a friend's account, and our mid Annie thought he was doing dreadful. Sure, he was shut down in mid by le blanc, but he kept talking about it and felt down. so i pretty much told the guy to shut up because he sounded like a dying walrus, and guided my ally to focus on the game. i just kept giving him some moral support because I needed every team mate to stay focused.
At the end of the game, the Annie said "Thanks for the moral support mao"...

Felt pretty good that I was making a difference in a player's mindset.
Felt pretty good that I helped my ally not feel so down about a bad lane phase.

Makes me wish the Honor system was in place sooner, so I can point out players that make differences in my experience playing as well. plus it's good to get some recognition ^^

Honor system needs to be here sooner, because it's always good to know if you have one of those goodguys to back you up