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VN E key demand enhancement inside this is my personal recommendation

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Cherry Chi

Junior Member


Stylist hello I am from a Chinese players I put forward to you a piece of advice is as follows:
Osmund well now version high-end line chance to minimum I want to the next hope stylist can eu grace E enhance my idea is so of eu grace as A ADC without A AOE skill I hope you can speak eu grace E to A fan range and injection 3 big sword and beat all the enemy and vertigo three enemy time and release rate are invariant to stun the enemy and mark W passive layer 2 continuous 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and can through the flat to activate A hurt so VN can in the regiment war make more contribution at the same time take line ability and survival skills have been greatly ascend,
My suggestion is that hope designers adopted in high-end I hope see the emergence of VN

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General Mustache

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