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World Championship – Rengar and Syndra Restricted

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Just got 1-shot some more by rengar playing soraka bot....something should be done about this lol. 1k dmg in 1/2 a second? just silly. He wasn't even fed, he got fed off me and I can't see anything to be done about the situation lol

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Dear Riot

the vocabulary is not really correct here it should be banned cause restricted means that you may only use a champion once in one team comp instead of 4 times(magic the gathering reverence) so if you please could call it banned the next time it happens there wont be any confusions because my first thought on the restricted part was that you could only use him once in all your 3 matches against one person.

Yours sincerely

You mean the vocabulary for one game must apply for every game ever made?!!!?? Wow.