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Petition: Warwick's and Soraka's new lores need revision!

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I have to disagree, at least as far as Wariwck is concerned. Yes, he's ruthless and bloodthirsty. That hasn't changed so much.

But as for being clever and intelligent, I think it's just a different brand of intelligence. The man set up an elaborate trap to get close to Soraka. He set up a fake wife, lured others into attacking him, and perfectly manipulated Soraka's all-in "I will help you" compulsion to draw her into the perfect trap. He read her like a book and wagered his life that she'd show up just when she did. He even got her to break her practically forced vow of nonviolence.

To me, that feels way more intelligent than most villains I've seen.

That still doesn't explain making soraka so weak and naive

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Left my two cents already, so, bump.

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+1 OP

I believe that riots original intent in reworking the lore, was to remove the questionable method Soraka used to stop Warwick's deathmaking.....turning him into a uncontrollable mythical beast....

that said, I did actually like the potion making him a werewolf, and soraka's curse being undefined, for surely star power should not be able to inflict Lycanthrope :P

that said I believe all they needed to do was a slight revision of the original, like this,"Soraka knew it would be unlawful to try and stop Warwick by force, since he himself was not committing murder, simply creating the tools for it. In an attempt to give herself just cause to kill Warwick in revenge for her people, she used her star power to inflict a strong curse of lunacy upon him. However, her attempt to justify her desire for revenge by turning Warwick into a rampaging lunatic was judged by the cosmos and she too was cursed, loosing a portion of her power for misusing it." or something like that.

meanwhile, Warwicks backstory could be changed to "Warwick, on one full moons night, mysteriously lost all control and began wrecking a muck in his own lab. Upon the next morning, regaining control of his actions, he quickly began a self analysis and realized he had been somehow cursed over night with lunacy. being a brilliant alchemist, he was able to determine the cause was a curse. Being unable to remove it he became concerned he would be unable to continue his work, but then, Singed, his apprentice, gave him an idea. Warwick decided instead to use the curse as a catalyst in an alchemy ritual in an attempt to alter the curse, in order to regain control of his mind."

they could then go on to say how they used either an experimental potion with the ritual which resulted in him becoming a Lycanthrope, or maybe they just used alchemy to alter Warwick altogether, converting the bloodlust intent of Soraka in inflicting the curse as the catalyst to shape change him instead of changing his mind.

either way, he would need to change his title from "Death Maker" to "Death Bringer", and start using his famous poison on his claws....

Here's one more idea. perhaps the curse she inflicted on Warwick was partially tied to her, and so when Warwick uses "Alchemy" to alter the curse and make it change his physical form, it changes Soraka's physical form as well. almost like beautiful irony. now she has to live with a form inflicted upon her, literally, because of her blood lust. there really wouldn't be a happy ending for her this way, and the undertone of her reasoning being that she wanted to justify murdering Warwick would be poetic justice, and yet provide an interesting amount of depth to her psyche.