@Riot...Everyone. The Vids!!!!!

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With the recent releases of your kickin videos like Twisted Fate and the Jinx Music Video, can we hope to see some more lore-aligned videos that are important to We The Gamers? I would love to see the final victory of the Freljord struggle from the community icons be shown in an epic video of the three factions and who wins in the end. I know you guys are working on Lore and how to make it more of a factor and I/We love that. Releasing awesome videos to the standards they've recently become could cause players with strong feelings for certain groups/locations/champions work harder in the community 'challenges' a bit more. Everyone hopes to see their favorite champion in each new video, so this would encourage them to participate with the reward of seeing their faves in said videos. Just a thought to ponder on.... just kidding. DO IT!!!!