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Im about to break down and cry. *boo hoo*

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Hi Zayden,

I hope your quest is going well!

If other players are harassing you in-game for how you play, remember that you should report them for verbal harassment at the end-of-game stats screen by right clicking on their name and selecting 'report'.

Even if you believe you did poorly, you do not deserve to be harassed for it by your team.

Also, as you play more PvP games you will find that matchmaking will try to place you with teammates of similar skill. Keep at it and don't be too hard on yourself!

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Zayden Wolfsbane:
That was another thing I was ridiculed for, using my arm as blitzcrank and missing. My team would zone me out by saying "Dont miss this time noobcrank". I didnt even think about this that I could practice without champions in the game, that is a great idea and I will do that. It will also be good to maybe do a 1/5 and just practice grabbing the enemies and pulling them into my turrets. Thanks for the advice.

It's no problem. Blitz requires a lot of practice and positioning–I've seen the best support players miss grabs–and I'm sorry your teammates failed to realize this. Best of luck! ^ ^

If you ever want a duo queue partner, hit me up. I can AD carry for you if you want to try Blitz again, or support you if you want to practice Caitlyn.

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Winning blind normals this game is mostly luck so keep your expectations low. A nice command is /ignore all.