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Kha'Zix Review (Detailed)

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i like upgraded spikes first honestly because of the massive aoe damage it does alone combined with its range (Even if the do was off path) its great for insta farming a wave.

also the ult is great for jukeing like make the enemy think your going 1 way then juke stealth the rejuke leap. seams reliable to me but thats jut imo.

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The first time I tried to evolve one of his ability was in the middle of a team fight, he did the animation for his upgrade and I was a sitting duck(Still lived with that super Leap though). Never doing that again, LOL!

The stealth should be half a second longer, but it already has so many things attached to it . . .

His Core build will absolutely include Trinity Force, with that low CD Q and all of the stats being great for him. Dunno if he will become Ireila's tanky assassin or something like Talon (Wham Bam TY Mam).

Felt like Riven with the AD casting, so I don't think items like YGS will be as good as say BT/LW.

Your Kabutops is Evolving! Kabutops learned how to wear Nikes! (E)
I feel that evolving E is mandatory and the ult is very close to that stage. The choice becomes which way you're going to be building him and how the game is progressing.

A refresh on his Leap every kill as well as doubling the range of his jump makes it great for positioning as well as escaping (Kill the ADC and gtfo). It also allows him to take Exhaust(Ignite?) over Flash.

Transform and combine! (R)
His Ultimate has so many things attached to the ability that each individual effect is average. It be can mitigate damage, stealth, pop a mini-ghost, reapply his slow AND passively improve one of his abilities. The catch is that it can be used repeatably before going on cooldown, so the active buffs actually double, or triple if you evolved, in effectiveness.

Evolving his ult for another passive proc along with 40% damage reduction is great, since there will almost always be an oracle up by mid game it will be used for mitigation and burst. Even though the movement speed and stealth are "ok", I will be using primarily for both damage burst and reduction.

The Ultimate doesn't feel quite as game changing when activated as say Nocturne's Darkness or Lee Sin's Dragon Rage. However, the passive improvements to his ability of choice makes up for it, it just doesn't feel that shiny is all.

Now comes the actual choice, his Q or W? Both are powerful damage boosts, but for different scenarios.

A Wild Kha-Zix appears! (Q)
His Q turns into a 3.5 second smite when there's only a single enemy around, for both creeps and champions. This makes him great for counter jungling early and mid game and Npc Boss creeps late game. However, the 50 range bonus does not make up for the fact it will become gimped when the team fights start picking up. This seems like the Win Nao button, and will be picked early for a quick stomp.

If you took Enlarged Claws (Q) at lvl 6 it would be possible to not take smite due to the bonus effects, although no smite hurts his starting jungle speed. I'm leaning towards still taking smite, but it could give Kha-Zix a very powerful niche.

The "Flux Everything in that Direction" Button (W)
The W grants him a Triple AoE and procs the passive damage/slow. This is when the game is turning into a team fight fest and you can't safely assassinate the ADC. It also makes him amazing at pushing and speed clearing the jungle. If the game progresses to the late stage he becomes incredibly dangerous, as he can poke with his W and quickly refresh his passive. Thereby forcing an initiation or prevent a team fight. As well as the enemy jungler being wary and will avoid fighting you 1v1, thereby making Enlarged Claws, Q, feel less important.

I normally grab Evolved Wings (Improved Leap) at lvl 11 since I will need the extra mobility by this stage in the game. Either Q or W is chosen at lvl 6 (Roamers vs Butt Buddies). If the game is still going on by lvl 16 I will evolve his ultimate for the extra mitigation. Unless I get enough CDR by 11, I normally save his ultimate for last, there would be a small chance I'll save Leap for lvl 16 and choose his Ultimate second.

My favorite jungle build is boots + 3 hpots > phage > sheen > TF > Boots of Lucidity ideally(for now), but will change to merc for CCR or Tabi against fed AA > Glacial Shroud > BT > Pickaxe > FH > LW and my luxury item will either be an Omen or GA.

My Core Build is Boots/TF/BT*

However, it might eventually turn into a boots + 3 hpots > sheen > HoG > BF Sword > Lucidity* > TF > WMail > BT > Omen > GA and the luxury item will be LW or another BT.

Core build as Boots/TF/Omen*

I don't really think a YGB is that good on him since he is a AD caster like Riven, but Ima go see how it goes when I test another build.

Also I go with the Usual 21 physical offensive tree and a different 9 defense tree maxing Hardiness and Bladed Armor with 2 points in durability and of course, Improved Smite. He gets hit a little hard in his first jungle clear.

I go with flat armor seals MR per lvl gylphs and 8 ArP marks + 1 flat AD mark and 3 flat AD Quints.

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Evolved R should give 2 seconds of stealth as well

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Totally agree with you man. It's nice to find someone who agrees with me that kha'zix isn't UP. Also i find that Kha'zix works well with character like janna and gragas who can separate their enemies so kha'zix can pick them off with his q.

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I really just find his Itemization hard.

since Q isn't an AA, so Life steal isn't that useful on him.

Q doesn't proc triforce itself, so I don't think i would want to take it.

BT, the best AD Item on AD casters for damage, isn't a huge great choice cause of Q not being an AA.

His damage is really really narrowed down into his Q ability.

I think Riot could probably make him a hybrid champ. increasing his Ap ratios here and there could cause some nice havoc since his Q not being an AA makes this whole AD damage thing not so good specially tri-force. his Q doesn't apply the slow from triforce nor does it apply the proc... so it just seems that it doesn't fit him all well, while Gunblade gives him quite a bit of stats o'd definitely get on him.