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[Item Build] Sona

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So i have been practicing with sona who i plan to perfect and it seems that there are people who like to try and build different thing like offensive sona, tank sona and so on. I personally tried these.

Tank sona, was good ony in the fact that she is now able to last longer and heal and support more other wise she isnt very versitile and if you want to do any damage you gana have to be fighting a minion to feel good about your damage output.

Offense Sona, sooo yea.... you can nuke people well at least until they get past level 6 or get any magic resistance. "But your first move can give you more ap and do over 300 damage in short time periods" Yes it can and thats nice unfortunatly If anyone noticed you attacking them then you have no chance of living since other than you movement speed boost you have no escape and you went offensive and have 1k health...

The Build i choose is Speed Support Healer Tank. Very long name i know, but it has tons of benefits(imo).

1 at the end you will max cdr and have 70 plus mana regen per 5 (more with baron or golem) and 40 plus health regen.

2 since you have massive mana regen and cdr you can keep all auras going at once (keeping your team nice and supported).
3 you can heal every three seconds (trust me even with just a 170 heal-with ap-it comes in handy).

4 you have 3k plus health if you get all items

5 in emergencies with the item build and your E you can give an ally a speed burst of over 60% movement speed (if you didnt know thats a nice getaway for anyone)

Ok so these are the items that i build to achieve this.

1-Mana Manipulator (be careful in lane as you have no pots)

2-Philosipher's Stone (More Mana regen and Health Regen)

3-Boots of speed --> Boots of Swiftness (good for getaways since you are very gank prone) Note that you may also want to just hold your boots of speed and get the next item and then later upgrade to boots of swiftness, it depends on you.

4-Now build your Philosipher's stone in the new item-Shurelya's Firecrest (this gives you more cdr, mana regen, health regen and that all important active that gives a 40% movement speed burst)

5-Rylai's Crystal Scepter (you are going to need ap no matter what and thgis gives you a nice ap boost and a nice health boost to help beef you out)

6-Now you want to build your Mana Manipulator into a Innervating Locket (thats right even more health and mana regen, a nice aura and passive and more cdr)

7-Buy another mana manipulator, this will be built into a soul shroud but not now.

8-You now want to build up the Archangel Staff getting the tear first (more ap and mana including that ncie passive it has)

9-Finally build that mana manipulator into a soul shroud (health and its aura are a very nice finisher in my opinion)

If you got all these items, you have been playing an extemly long game or you have been dominating completly or both, you should be able to get all of your auras going at once adn be able to speed heal and damage allies and enemies. Plus that emergency 60% and plus speed bust is just super for getaways.

I hope you found this helpful and maybe you'll love this build as much as i do

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Theres a thread for this....insert more generic builds here.

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Good stuff brah :3