Remade Katarina Bouncing Blade/Sinister Steel sound too similar to her ultimate

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Katarina's ultimate, Death Lotus, has an extremely distinctive sound effect of clashing blades. Her ultimate is an incredibly powerful ability and it's very important to interrupt its channel. Formerly, this sound effect was unique, which was good, as it made it easy to tell when Kat was ulting, and react properly.

After the redesign of her model, similar clashing blade sound effects now exist on her Q, Bouncing Blade, and W, Sinister Steel. If these abilities are used on multiple targets (eg. in the middle of your team, or with many creeps nearby), the clink-clink-clink sound is repeated many times in succession, which sounds very similar to the sound effect of her ultimate. Additionally the animation of Sinister Steel shows Katarina whirling around, along with a swirling visual effect, which looks similar to her ultimate.

Together, this makes it difficult to tell whether Katarina is using her ultimate, or only her Q+W combo - particularly as Kat is likely to use her Q+W combo immediately before her ultimate. If you misjudge this and stun Katarina too soon, she can then use her ultimate uninterrupted. If you take too long to wait and analyse to make sure Katarina is ulting, this leaves her to get most of the channel off before you interrupt.

I'd like if the sound effects on Bouncing Blade and Sinister Steel were changed somehow to make it more clear when Kat is channelling her ultimate.

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It all sounds like a bunch of silverware in as drawer now or butter knives being scraped against each other.

I miss the "CHING CHING CHING shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo"...

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I preferred the old SFX as well...