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I need (read: would like) to learn to play a jungler

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I wanted to start jungling last week, and started jungling with Shen. In my opinion, he is very easy to jungle with. He is naturally tanky, gets life steal from Vorpal Blades, and doesn't use Mana, so you can give Blue to your mid.

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Alright, I tried Warwick again (playing a custom game against some friends) using some of the advice in this thread. We lost, and to a degree I'd say it was because I wasn't playing great in the early game, and the enemy team got an early advantage.

In the end though I was one of the two leading the team, along with our carry Tristana. I think I may have a bit of an understanding of how to handle Warwick after all, so I may just save up for him (after saving for tier 3 runes first of course).

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I used IGNITE to jungle, I liked it better than SMITE because you could use ignite on champs too. And now ignite won't work on monsters.....WHY WHY WHY DID LoL CHANGE THIS!!!