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Looking for guide. Mordekaiser

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Senior Member


I main mordekaiser and I go for the CDR/magicpen/health build. Played a game using like miss fortune or something against this morde. He got weird items.

Regrowth pendant
Sunfire cape
Boots of swiftness
Frozen mallet

Game ended on zeal. He said he wrote a guide on his build and I though it was interesting. So I wanted to try it. Honestly can't remember his name but he said it was on leaguecraft called "master of metal" can't find it there but he said it's a popular morde build so I was wondering if anyone recognizes it

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So I looked around and found this piece of ****:

The rating it has speaks for itself (-15); it's difficult to put into words just how bad that guide is.

I hope you rolled him. AD Morde (with a random Sunfire Cape) is effing ******ed.

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Snazzy Pants

Senior Member


I have a lot of games played with Mordekaiser (200+) and I'm upper-mid elo on my main.

I usually go with something like:

- spirit visage
- boots of swiftness/mercury's treads
- warmog's
- force of nature

I know that most people will criticize my build, but I have had a lot of success with it if you play properly. With the above build and his shield mechanic, you should be able to take most people out through sheer attrition.

I'm looking into kindlegem - the CDR and health mix looks useful. Being able to use my ult more often is always good.