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Jungle Malphite

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Can someone give me the basic idea of skill order, item build, etc for a jungle malphite? I want to give it a try. Or point me in the direction of a good guide for it? Thanks!

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Should be like most tank junglers:

Cloth + 5HP
HoG + Boots

1/X/11 ( Imp. Smite, 2/2 Utility, usual Defensive)
0/21/9 ( Full Defensive, 1/2 Utility )

Ground Something
Brutal Whatever
Ground Something

I've played it before but don't remember...

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Ground Pound at Level 1. If you take +armor yellow and purple runes you get like +25 more armor which boosts Level 1 ground pound significantly.

Still, I have never been able to jungle fast with him without using Smite.

Cloth + 5 pots is standard or you can do dorans + 1 pot if you have smite and are totally specced for jungling.

My path is a little bit long for the first clear, but you need to wait for your passive shield anyway. For me I start at golems, smite 1, kill both then go to wolves. Wolves are easy. Then go to ghosts, you are level 2 now. Wait for smite. Smite 1 kill the rest of the ghosts. Now you can start cruising pretty easily.

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Here's how I do it, others may have better strats, but barring outside intervention this is a successful jungle route.

Runes - I have a generic jungle runepage for some other melees, but it works for malphite as well.
Red - AR Pen
Yel - Flat Armor
Blue - CDR/lvl
Quint - Flat HP

Masteries - I currently do 21/0/9 but I'm not going to say that's the best setup, I haven't gotten to try a 1/8/21 or others to thoroughly test it, but I know 21/0/9 works. In Util I get mana regen, xp boost and then a buff duration boost.

Summoner spells - Flash/Smite, but you can use ghost if you like it more, the flash isn't for jungling it's just a personal preference of mine.

Ability order - Ground Slam (E), Brutal Strikes (W), Seismic Shard (Q)

By lvl I go E, W, E, Q, Q, R, Q, Q, Q ................ To jungle on Malphite you don't need past lvl 1 W and lvl 2 E so I get Q to maximize ganking chances (you can even just get lvl 1 E if you want to go for Q earlier, the overall damage increase on E isn't that much per level)

Items - If I'm the only jungler I'll get cloth armor and 5 HP pots, if there's another jungler I'll get cloth armor, 2 hp pots and a ward, up to you if you want to play in their jungle so early

Jungle path - Start at blue (make your own call for ally help or wait until any gank party leaves), you can start at wraithes and then wolves like some people do but it's really not optimal for malphite. After blue you get wolves then wraithes (malphite has 0 trouble with wraiths unlike other champs), then I get small golems and then lizard last. You should be level 4 at this point and if you kill all camps you should have enough gp for a madred's razor and some hp pots.

Before you bp though you should look around to see if you can gank, you don't have ult yet so ganking opportunities at this point are usually pretty slim. Grab a madred's 2 more hp pots and a ward if you can afford it. You can do dragon at this point if you want to, or you can ward dragon and wait for your blue to respawn. If opponents have a jungle you can wait for him to do dragon and then try to steal with your ward/smite.

And here begins the roaming part of jungling, support the lanes, setup ganks, when you hit 6 you can float into a lane and as long as you have halfway decent allies your ult should be able to get a kill everytime you hit a lane with it up. At this point you can counter jungle if you feel confident doing it.

My items after the madred's are boots 1 and rush sunfire cape. Some people make hearts of gold and then go randuin's but I've never liked that path for my personal playstyle.

My biggest problem when I jungle is that I try to stay in the jungle and I don't gank as much as I should, so make sure you're looking for those gank opportunities the whole time, if you watch top player's streams you'll see while they're killing a jungle camp they are constantly checking all the lanes, which I don't do enough.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.