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Havent been around since Early March

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Ryzol Ryzo Ryz R

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Jayce came out and is almost as broken as Kassadin. Lulu is close to the Jayce/Kassadin power level.

Yorick has been nerfed a few times and has multiple counters, but is still pretty good.

Nunu is a popular bottom laner who is basically unmovable from lane.

People are using AD carries more often.

Promote has fallen out of favor. Most of the time Garrison does what promote does, but garrison also does things promote can't do.

There's a lot of Dominion streamers now. Double digits.

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Played 10 game last night, and won 3

Played around with different champs, 1 or 2 game is my bad, and 1 or 2 game is because of DC

Had an epic 10th game last night, did so many double kills from 2v1. Maybe mainly due to my hidden elo dropping to so low people will thinking tower diving me at 800 hp is a good idea when my stun is up

And i fail to deal with Jayce, so tips please

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This was me a month ago. hadn't played since the Fiora patch.

The first thing I noticed (after the straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back reason that I started playing again, the Kat rework) was Revive everywhere. Revive new meta.
The next thing I noticed is Maw of Malmortius is beast (new item that didn't exist when I left)
and the next thing I noticed (after winning like 15 games out of 20 due to elo decay while I was gone) is that Jayce is broken. I still don't know how to beat him.

And then I noticed that Molten Shield is now godlike, ignored it for a bit, and then later made a new rune page for Annie and won about 10 games in a row with her.
Morello's got buffed pretty nicely, but DFG also got buffed, and Chalice got a new item upgrade (gives CDR and AP) so it seems like no one gets Morello's except me

and I haven't really given AD Sona a go since coming back. The surge in popularity with the arcade skin made me not want to play her, and then I forgot about it