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Missing Rune Text in Page Builder On Scroll

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EDIT: WHOOPS! This is Odincore, btw... I was signed onto my alt for some reason.

When the user scrolls the rune list in the page builder using multi-touch or a scroll wheel while hovering over a rune in the list, its description disappears. This description will reappear if the user reverses the process and scrolls back over the rune again. Weird bug, but even weirder is that it is only happening to Glyphs and Seals, but not Marks. I can't test on Quints because I don't have enough of them unlocked to force a scroll. I've been able to repro it 100%

1. Load profile in Air Client
2. Click on Runes
3. Attempt to make a rune page
4. Hover mouse pointer over any Seal or Glyph
5. Scroll down using scroll wheel or multi-touch
6. Observe the description text disappear
7. Scroll back up using same method
8. Observe text reappear

Other quirks: This doesn't seem to work for the first rune in any list. Also, even if by scrolling the list doesn't move, the disappear/reappear issue will still occur.