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@Lyte: Issue about multi-accounts duo to multi-queueing

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Give it time. They need to root out all the bot smurfs.

Considering it only takes about 4 hours to level up a half dozen more, I'm not too concerned.

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Senior Member


No, I don't like you because of lies like this ↑↑

Except they are not lies.

He's just another guy who got pissed of by your attitude and he's right with that, just not with the way he deals with you. I'm not either right with that, though. You are a person that's once to be put in his place and furtherly ignored - because you have proven over and over that you are incapable of progressing further than your bias allows. Too many people like me do the mistake to feed you over and over again with new attempts to take you serious.

Please, show me one instance where I am incapable of progressing further than my bias. I'm begging you.

If you are referring to that "false positive" case you keep bumping, my bias has nothing to do with it. He broke the rules, hence it's not a false positive. You can state that you don't agree with the rules, that's fine. You can state you don't agree that it should be a permaban, that's fine too.

But he did break the rules. Facts are facts. That has nothing to do with bias.

But seriously, show me one place where I don't want the Tribunal improved. I am begging you.

And what exactly did I do to "getcancerdieslow" that he has a right to be so upset with me? Are you fine with him berating every single person on the forum who likes the Tribunal? Are you fine with him admitting to trolling and abusing the tribunal? Because I call him out on those, and that would be the only reason he has to be upset with me.

If you think that's fair, you're whole "im the most rational person on the forums" mumbo jumbo goes straight out the window.