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Bought Riot Points - Had to Exit Client to Get Back to Store

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I logged on this morning to buy some Riot points. When I completed my transaction I was taken to a screen that confirmed my purchase, but then I was unable to return to the normal store screens to shop. I tried going to my profile and then back to the store, but it still wouldn't reset and let me get back to shopping. I was stuck on the screen to purchase and there was no way to back out. There was no X to click or button to shop. All the tabs at the bottom of the screen were gone.

Eventually I closed the client and restarted so I could buy my Grungy Nunu skin.

I'm not buying anymore RP today to see if I can repro this, but here are my steps:

1. Open Air Client and navigate to store
2. Click on Riot Points tab and buy any increment (I chose $50, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't work on some other value)
3. Complete transaction, view purchase confirmed screen
4. Observe there are no options to leave this screen and continue shopping
5. Click to another menu area (JoJ, profile, etc), then return to store
6. Observe you are still stuck on purchase confirmed screen
7. Reboot client
8. Return to store and shop