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Elo hell?

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Yes, there is a place where you get stuck with a bunch of noobs, but out of those noobs you can be the one to carry them. If you lost elo it's your fault. I'm not saying that it's all your fault but if you have to do with the at least one death on your team, it is indeed, partially your fault. My fault was that right when I hit lvl 30 I went into ranked and got to 400 elo. Then I raised it to 1140, but now im stuck at 990. I need a duo partner that is AMAZING. One that knows how to play EVERY role, is mature, doesn't rage (often ^^), knows how to farm, knows how to harass, and when to back off. I can do all of the above, but like jungle the best. :P Add me

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Im at 1k and going up lowest I have been is 590 I solo ranked to 1k again but cant carry 4 people anymore add me and we can hit that duo up. Yes I can play any role ;p and I am cs king HAHAH not really but I do know how to cs well. I have Skype