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Gragas and Viktor Particle Bugs.

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KRN Edogawa



Gragas's Q -> While barrel is moving, it is half-barried(it is inside the ground)... It is really annoying. It is kinda visible during the laning and poking before the teamfight, but in the jungle, it is impossible to notice.

Viktor's E -> The damage and everything are fine, but sometimes a portion of particle disappears. Sometimes only the laser part moves, but the ground-path part doesnt. Sometimes it works opposite way. Sometimes both dont move.

Fix the game, Riot!

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My Desired Name

Senior Member


Never seen that happen with Gragas's barrel, it must be a new bug or something because he used to be my main and I never seen anything like that. Post a screenshot maybe?

Viktor's laser has been known for quite awhile now to pass through targets without doing damage, as well as being invisible sometimes. Not sure when Riot is going to fix this, but Riot is notorious for adding new champions, while other champions need to be fixed first.

Get your priorities straight Riot!