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Janna - need build advice

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I'm fairly new to the game and just getting into pvp and intermediate bots, and I figured I'd try out a support champ since usually everyone wants to be a Tank or Carry. I found Janna pretty useful last week when she was free so I unlocked her and I'm looking for some build critiques and any other really useful info. I read the guides but some of the support ones are a little outdated as far as items go.

Here's my current build:

Heal or Cleanse + Ignite or Exhaust

Masteries: (nowhere near lvl30 yet, here's what I'm spending points on thus far)
Defense: Summoner's resolve, armour, hp regen
Utility: mana, recall, mana regen

hp regen, mp regen, armour


-Regrowth Pendant + hp pot
-Philosopher's Stone (Since I only take creeps my lanemate can't get I'm poor if i don't)
-Boots of Speed
-Catalyst the Protector
*1*Mercury Boots
-Glacial Shroud
-Negatron Cloak
-Blasting Wand
*2*Rod of Ages
*3*Frozen Heart (if I need armour more I get this first, otherwise I build the Veil first)
*4*Banshee's Veil
*5*Shurelya's Reverie

For the last slot i pick one of the following depending on what's going on:
-Force of Nature
-Warden's Mail
-Abyssal Sceptre
-Zhonya's Hourglass

E > W > Q > E > W > R
Max E, then W, then Q

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Senior Member


Well... you're not rocking much of a support build. Here's what works for me, tweak and critique as needed.

Armor/Arpen Reds. Armor if you want to be safe, Arpen because it's actually quite nice to land some AA harass as Janna, and it adds a bit of OOMPF to your attacks. But I recommend armor.
Armor/GP5 Yellows. Armor if you want to be safe, (Take if running Arpen Reds.) Take GP5 if you want that bit of extra gold.
Flat/Scaling MR Blues. Either or. Pick according to the other team.
GP5 Quints. Not much else to put here.

Grab all the defensive masteries, and get CDR, Mana and gold masteries in utility.

Exhaust-Flash. Flash for the clutch flash ults. Exhaust to neutralize the other AD's attack speed. Could run Clairvoyance if you're working with a team.

-Faerie Charm, 4 wards, and one health pot. You could also do Faerie, 2 green wards, 1 pink ward, and one health pot.
-Grab Philo
-Boots or Kage's (Only get Kage's if your team is ahead. Helps the snowball, and makes you hurt a bit.)
-T2 Boots (Normally Merc's, but the hyper speed boots can work if you're ward sweeping.)
-Whatever auras your team needs. (WoTA, Stark's, Randuin's, Frozen Heart, etc.)

And wards. EVERY time you back. I repeat, EVERY TIME. Buy at LEAST 2 wards. Preferably, stack up 5. Yes, that ward is actually more important than you finishing the T2 boots.

Max E, Max W, Max Q, Max R. In that order. Your ult does basically the same thing, regardless of level. No point to leveling it to make it cost more mana, and do the same thing.

I mean, AP Janna mid is really stronk, but that's another thing entirely.

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Thanks. Played with it a little last night and it worked pretty well for the most part.