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losing elo to awful lag, not on my end

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I had a game the other day where my client said "attempting to reconnect" in game. After waiting a minute or so, I closed my client and reopened it, hoping that would fix the issue. I tried logging back in, but kept getting a connection error.

During this time, I tried visiting the League website, but it wouldn't load for me; however, opening up different pages like Google News produced no errors and I was still able to skype with my friends. This was really frustrating because it took over 5 minutes for me to reconnect, so what had been a 2 kill lead in Twisted Treeline became an inevitable loss as I rejoined 6 levels behind everyone else. One of my teammates flamed me and said I was making it up that Riot's servers were at fault.

My question is whether or not this was something on my ISP's end and if so, how would I be able to tell that this was the case, much less, how would I be able to resolve it with them if this were to continue to happen in the future (this has only happened once.)

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Kari Arisu



There are two systems we have built into our server. The first one is called compensation mode, when we are experiencing server difficulties we turn this feature on, then no player will lose elo while compensation mode is on. The second feature is a special safety check in our game server, if everyone drops from our game, then their entire stats for that game will get discarded and no one will suffer an elo loss. During the games you played, neither of these two features got triggered.

Riot’s game servers are connected by millions of players, and in event of server instability you wouldn’t just see one post on this forum, you will see thousands of people complain. Thus based on what you described and your match history that I see, you are the only one experiencing connection problems. Perhaps you should check your ISP first? Also double check if there are any packet losses from your end to Riot Servers.

LoL does nothing in the case that one of the hops towards the LoL server is down.
When this happens, obviously you can't tell, but you guys don't care enough to fix this manually when requested.

If I lost connection to LoL in general because of a bad hop, I'd simply lose elo if I was in a game. I could complain to support, but from what they've told me in a previous similar case, they're not even able to do anything about it. lol.

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i waited for about 5 minutes (because, mind you this was a ranked game, don't want to lose that elo) and finally had to leave the game. i expected the reconnect screen to come up after leaving, but nope.

Several things:
LoL is built in Flash. High latency and poor performance is expected.

You should never wait that long, if 30s have passed and you haven't reconnected, Alt+Tab out of the game, open up Task Manager, go to Processes, scroll downt o LoLLauncher.exe, Right Click on it and "End Process Tree". Then open up LoL, log in, and you should have a reconnect button waiting for you. It's fiddly but more reliant than LoL's inbuilt safety checks.

LoL is for all intents and purposes in beta. The graphics, the champions, the items, all are constantly changing. Hell, they change skins around because the theme isn't what their current design people are making. Over time, the system requirements of this game will increase to the point where you'll probably have to upgrade your hardware. That can happen over a patch, in my case it happened a while back now. One day I'm at 180 ping (In Aus, that's pretty good for here), the next I'm 210. A few patches after that the lag spikes started, now getting a 400 latency spike is normal. In my case I think it's the authenticator lagging out the game, happened in Battlefield BC2.

C'est la vie. Upgrade your computer.

It's a high bandwidth game. This thing sucks down internet like Youtube and with the same amount of manners too. You need an excellent connection and hardware to run multiple clients on the same connection, and a great set up just to run one with no hassles.

Your ISP can hit a snag. It's happened in Aus a few times, everything's fine until it gets to the "joining" bridge in the USA where it all goes to hell. Think even WoW was affected once or twice. It's annoying, and it's usually out of your ISP's control (You're better off checking yourself. A simple ping can tell you if you keep track of the bounces), but it at least tells you there's nothing Riot can do about it.

All that combined makes it hard to run, but it's semi-challenging and mildly balanced, even if not the best in the genre.