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Huge Proving Grounds bug: No line of sight, everything is invisible.

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Okay, so Proving Grounds is all jacked up here. First we have issues on the loading screen. My friend couldn't connect, so we both had to reload and restart the game. After we restarted the loading screen went unusually fast (it usually takes me about 20-30 seconds to load, this time it flew by in like 10)

But wait! It gets better! As soon as the games starts, the real fun begins. As you can see, I have no line of sight, my character doesn't show up, minions are invisible, ect, but apparently I can still move around (Darthdarking took first blood like the anus he is XP)

To make things worse, the Leave Game option wouldn't let me quit. I had to open task manager to close the program.

And here's the cherry on top: I can't rejoin the game when I log back in. It tells me that I'm in game, but the Reconnect option is grayed out.

So far as I know, this only happens on Proving Grounds, and it's only happened once. After the match is finally over (Darthdarking refuses to quit the game, which is the only way he can possibly beat me) I'll log back in and try again (Without Darthdarking there to mooch off the bug).

Personally, I blame Nocturne. I'm sure he used Paranoia on me or something.