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Ranked Game Disappeared 2nd time in Two days

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Riot this is the SECOND TIME in two days that i have not been able to reconnect to a game after a DC or Bug Splat. After the Bug Splat or DC I am greeted with the League of Legends Home screen where I can play another game because the game i was just in has now disappeared some how. Now I have Two leaver status' because your client will not let me reconnect. Why are you not shutting ranked queues down and releasing a statement that you are aware of this issue. It's really frustrating for people who are trying to play League and get Leaver status when they have no option to reconnect to a game.

IGN: Jaxxas

I have also bug splatted about 10 times during this Syndra patch. I have been playing this game for over 2 years and I have only bug splatted twice in that time. There is OBVIOUSLY something wrong. Please make people aware of your issues.