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Rengar Bugs

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I have noticed a few bugs with rengars ult. The first happened after I cast and it showed that I had faded into stealth on the screen, but Xin was still able to auto attack me. I confirmed with other team that there was no turret there, no one with oracles, and no other vision wards, etc. Maybe I just thought he autoattacked me and it was actually his ult or something, but I was pretty sure that it was an autoattack. Just FYI.

The second one happened twice in one of my last two games and definitely is an actual bug: if I hit R just slightly before death, I would die without anything happening and the ability icon not being on cd and showing it as uncasted, until about 3 seconds after death, then it would go on cooldown and you would hear the stealth sound effects, like beating hearts, etc. I don't know if my team gained increased vision or not due to my ulted carcass or if there were other side effects of the delayed cast at death or just the fact that sound effects and cd show up a few seconds post-death.

Thanks. I enjoy the game and don't rage when these things happen. As another developer I realize that there will always be bugs, so I'm not raging, just wanted to help.