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Zilean: alternatives to max CDR

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Shawn Ogg




I think maxing CDR for zilean is even more important than maxing ap. The thing is: how?

I have 15% CDR from runes + masteries. If i take golem that will max CDR ^^. But sometimes i cant get golem (because of players -in your team- that think they always need golem more than you, other times because enemy team ward it all the time). So when i see i wont be able to get golem most of the time i try to get the CDR from items. I usually get:
-Glacial Shroud: for 1675g it gives 20% CDR wich doesnt help me to max CDR but its close enough.

Now i see a new item in this patch:
-Kingdelem: 900g for 200HP and 10%CDR

So i think of combining it with another low CDR item as a better altertnative to the shroud. So:

-Kingdegalem + Fiendish Codex: 2145g (shroud + 470g)
20% CDR + 200HP + 30AP + 7 Mana regen
also the codex can be upgrade to deathfire grasp later on

--Kingdegalem + Spirit Visage: 2150g (shroud + 475g)
22% CDR + 400HP + 30MR

Taking into account that i usally gets Archangel staff so I always have plenty of mana, so the mana gives by shroud doesnt help much (although it gives 8AP) neither do the mana regen from the fisrt combination, what do you think is the best option? (shroud of one of these combinations)

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Senior Member


Randuins + Soulshroud is more then enough + masteries

90 armor
30% CDR from both items
AoE Slow

Skip on the AA it's not as beneficial to you as an RoA. Also the HP is very much needed and gives you a large enough mana pool as is.