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random disconnect and unable to reconnect

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I was playing in a normal match with my brother and his friend. My brother and I reside in the same house so if something happens to me it usually happens to him as well. We were doing well in our lane against a draven and cait then we just got disconnected. I left the game after around 7 minutes and It took me to the main client screen where the "Play" button was red.I then proceeded to close the client thinking it would allow me to reconnect After I logged in there was no option to reconnect to the game i got disconnected out of. I could of even found another match to play in;which was weird. My brother's friend didn't get disconnected. My brother hadn't left the game yet after around 16 minutes and i checked his ping and it was at 2000 which is abnormally high. My internet is fine my comp is fine so whats the problem? :'(

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th3 los3r

Junior Member


the same thing happened to me i just got disconnected in a game and when i went to try and reconnect it acted like i wasn't even in a game.
i looked at my match history and that game wasn't even there
this happened another time but that was around a month ago where i kept on connecting and disconnecting see others too do that it was so weird.

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Im just A Troll

Senior Member


been happening to a bunch of people if you check the GD.
apearently called LoLDrop, and people are doing it on purpose. if they are losing, they delete the game from the server so they dont get a loss.