Bug - can't actually load into a game (Elismina)

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Ok, I'm sure there's a more technical wording of this, but I don't know it. I've been invited to play several games now and set others up on my own. Everything works perfectly right up until the moment everyone's done locking in and it's time for the characters to summon. Instead of connecting to the server, and showing the screen that displays what characters we're all playing with, how many pings per minute, etc. It just defaults back to my home screen and won't load the summoning screen. If I click on the PVP.net Client icon at the bottom of the taskbar, it just takes me to a black screen with my normal mouse and no other details. I can't exit out of this screen unless I control-alt-delete. Once I do that, I have to end the task. I've restarted my computer, relogged in, etc, and again everything works until it says "You have abandoned a game, please reconnect." When I click reconnect it just goes to my computer wallpaper again and when I click on the PVP.net Client icon, I get a black screen and have to go through the whole mess again. Once the game is over, I can access the rest of lol, but if I try to play another game, then it just does the whole thing over again. Help please! I've launched the repair program from the setup part of the LOL folder, but it still won't work. Help!

Probably should specify, this happens for all kinds of games I engage in, dominion, bots, pvp, and custom. I'm not a high enough level to play in tournaments yet, so I don't know about those, but otherwise, completely unable to play.

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Same thing happens to me, can't seem to figure out whats wrong or how to fix it.

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Same thing happening to a friend of mine. I have not found any fixes for it yet.