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the new ELO changes

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so riot wrote this:

"Season 2 rewards will be based on the highest rating you achieve between now and the end of the season. Once you’ve achieved a tier, you’ll have it for good, and playing more games can only help you out. In order to do this, we are resetting Top Rating for all players to their Current Rating and will be using Top Rating to determine end-of-season reward tiers."

i feel kind of dumb to ask BUT its better to feel dumb then losing my tier...

so if im having 1531 elo right now...(gold) and im losing it to less then 1500
will i still have the gold rewards(janna's skin and stuff)???

thenx for reading and sorry for the grammer.
(not a native english speaker)

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Senior Member


I believe that is what they mean. No matter if you lose down you will always have the rewards from the highest tier you achieved.