Akali tank

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so recently i have been trying a new akali build where i get around 5k health and alot of ability power which is great because shes has alot of damage output but the problem is if im low i cant get my health back because theres no room in my build for attack damge (spell vamp) or lifesteal

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Instead of randomly downvoting you, Ill try to explain:

There are 100+ champs in League of Legends. If you want to play a tank, there are lots and lots of choices.

You can build pretty much ANY champ any way you want but most builds are very inefficient and don't make much sense.

Akali is an assassin and damage dealer. What does building her super tanky buy you? She has no taunt, no crowd control like stuns, etc, and basically nothing that works with being tanky. Her energy system also ensures that she wants to get in, do a bunch of stuff within 5 seconds, then get out for a while for energy to recharge over the next 20 sec.

So vs any intelligent team they will just ignore her. She will not be able to really DO much of anything and all that tankiness is wasted as they shred your AD and AP carries instead with burst damage then finish you off last.


If you look at how she works, she drops her shroud then Dashes to a squishy enemy (0.5AP), Marks them (0.4), Crescents (0.3, another 0.4 from consumed mark), gets energy back from Mark, Re-Dashes(0.5), re-dashes again(0.5), crescents again (0.3). (2.9 AP ratio total)
Then she is out of energy and dashes and can't do much for quite a while.

So she wants to get as much AP as possible along with maybe a DFG or Lichbane to add even more burst damage. She wants to deliver as much damage as quickly as possible.

Surely you can see that being Tanky will ensure she misses a lot of kills and is contrary to her general design.