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Hextech Gunblade + DFG : Viable on jungle Evelynn?

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Senior Member


Im been trying out an AP jungle build for Evelynn thats been kinda hit or miss so far. my usual progression is such:

cloth armor + 5 pots -> jungle til lv 3
boots + 2 pots -> gank
madred's razor + consumables -> jungle, gank, cover lanes
Boots of Mobility + Wriggles Lantern

now, by this point I start building stuff such as hex tech gunblade and Death Fire Grasp. the two combined just make for an absolute KILLER with her kit, since you can pop both while the enemy is outside your spot radius, and dive in for easy kills. but theres a problem with this:

A) 2600 gold in, I haven't build any real damage for ganking lanes, so I can only really gank people who are halfway down on health and not paying attention. without those early game ganks, its hard to keep up in levels to remain viable late game.

B) switching out wriggles for something else really hurts my ability to jungle effectively, again slowing me down leveling and leaving me vulnerable to enemy invades.

knowing that an under-leveled eve can't really catch up from jungling, whats the best way to work myself into getting hextech gunblade and DFG while still remaining a speedy jungler and a threat in the lanes?

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Yalta Turik

Junior Member



We independently came up with the same build (almost), which is promising.

I use the support tree just deep enough to get spellvamp, then throw the rest into the classic jungle skills.

If I ignore the gank early, I can jungle until about 4. I then go fountain, get madred's, and then jungle or gank without boots. It seems crazy, but you can sprint between camps with W.

Like you said, you really need to join a lane in mid-exchange to throw the tide, but that is only in the early game.

I don't bother building wriggles, and just keep madred's razor for jungling until I sell it around lvl 10. Once I have boots of mobility, I get the hextech revolver. With that you can jungle to your hearts content. I am hoping that with a quint of spell vamp, the 5% in early game will get me to lvl 6 faster. Once you have the revolver though, you can easily grab a few jungle camps while waiting for a good gank.

Hit me back, I'd love to work on this with someone. Eve Jungle can totally work -- she is just very weak pre-level 6.

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Senior Member


Just grab a dorans sheild and ask for a strong leash.

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Fuzen kuden

Senior Member


eves getting the bat back to trash i would recommend picking up an op jungle like lee sin someone riot workers use and wont nerf as fast