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Why are first picks always stupid?

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So what you're saying is you're one of those people that bans whoever they don't want to see in their lane but doesn't give any consideration to anyone else in the game.

No, what I'm saying is that you are just as bad as some of the people you complain about. Your first pick does some nontraditional bans, and the other four players in champ select essentially begin raging at him in all caps because he didnt do normal bans. If it was me, I honestly would have seriously considered dodging. Forget winning or losing, I know I am not going to enjoy the match when the other four people I'm matched with are raging and looking for someone to blame before the match even started.

Also, while it might not apply in this case (I dont know what the enemy bans were for example), as blue side/first pick it makes perfect sense to do one or two weird bans. If you want to first pick really strong champion A (for example, Shen or Morgana) but think there is a high chance of the enemy banning it, you can not ban other high priority picks which forces the enemy to leave one or more of the "op" champions free.