Not doing any damage as Irelia

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I've been using the linked guide to Irelia. And, I've only been able to get 3 games in on her due to numerous issues (people dodging when I'm 2nd to last or last pick, people picking top champs when people don't dodge and I'm in those positions, etc...).

Anyways, I've been using the linked guide, and, while I expect to have some issues while I build up my knowledge of her (same thing happened with Riven), I can't help but feel that something is off. I get into team fights and try to do something, like focus their carry, only to feel like I do next to no damage, even with boots + trinity force (which is so expensive that it's often all I have for awhile).

I'll activate W, E, and then use Q if necessary, but my damage just doesn't feel like it's there. In my last game I ended up having to build tank before BT because I was getting focused in fights, since I was the initiator. However, when I'd go after a squishy like graves, I found myself nibbling, not chunking, at his health.

I must be doing something very very wrong, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out. I see beastly Irelias that dish out damage and are super tanky. But I've only ever felt squishy and negligible in damage.

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ur final build should look like merc treads or ninja tabi, triforce, wits end, FH, FoN, and GA. theres a saying that players in league like to say: "better nerf irelia." this is because she is op as hell.the wits end and triforce will give u enough AS to nuke down their carries with ur true dmg on W. Also, dont underestimate ur burst on irelia, it is pretty decent. the rest of the items are for staying in the fight and to make u almost impossible to kill.

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Disclaimer: on my phone.

Irelia is a strong champion with a wonderful kit/kite. She benefits from farming and great anticarry capabilities. She can peel enemy champs off the carry and if used correctly survive repeated ganks. Learn how to adjust the item build to the enemy as she is great at counter itemization past core item. once you hit late game that is where she shines. Understand her various roles and her team fight potentialas she can do 3 jobs of dealing damage, taking it, and and baby sit. Good luck! Elo 1150. Hopefully some higher elo players can chime in too