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Jeslek the Draconic Spearman

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Alex is White

Senior Member


Look: A humanoid dragon standing at about 7 feet tall, with a 14 ft wing span. He is green and wears red-orange plate-mail armor and a chainmail manskirt. His main weapon is a giant glaive which looks very similar to Atma's.

AD focus AoE carry which uses Fuel instead of mana (For his fire dawg!). I started thinking of him from the point of an offensive morde. As such, his fuel has a cap of 200 and deteriorates at a rate of about 15/1s when no enemy champions are within 1200 units

Passive: Inner Fuel
For every enemy champion within 1200 units, Jeslek gains 5 fuel regen per second.

Q: Heat Wave
-35 Fuel
2 Sec CD
Sends a cone of fire out from Jeslek, in roughly the area of Cho's silence. Primary nuke
Deals 80/100/120/140/180 + .65 AD and lowers MR by 1/2/3/4/5 on impact.
W: Glaive Twirl
-50 Fuel
12/10/8/7/6 sec CD
Spins his glaive for 2 seconds (cancleable) reflecting any skill shots back at the casters general direction, and dealing 100/120/140/160/180% damage if the reflected projectile hits.
E: Fiery Destruction
No Cost
4/5/6/7/8 sec duration
14 sec CD
Makes all of Jeslek's attacks deal 65% (+ reasonable AD number) splash damage and generate 10 Fuel per target hit (Don't fight him near minions, lol)
R: Infernal Rampage
100 Fuel
4/5/6 sec duration
180 sec CD
+20% move speed, infinite fuel, immune to stuns. Steroid ulti for any champ killing which doubles as a minor escape technique.

Large AoE sustained damage
Very team fight savvy
Hard counters Easy-real
Eliminates most need for Cleanse

Weak 1v1
Weak escape without summoner spells
No defense at low fuel

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Yellow Jester

Senior Member


go away.