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Session Closed bug

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I think this bug is related to the fact that when you play a game you time out with the session server so it just Closes your session. Same happens if you wait for a very long time in the lobby and do nothing. I think they need to weak that, so that when playing doesn't make you timeout.

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having the same problem with fritzbox... can we get a fix for this?

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Seriously Riot,u only care for incressing player number's ,u wan't to be the best game online.but u forgot something,too be a good game,or the best,first u gota have best playing experiance...LoL's playing experiance is ****ttttbraking...i got so many problem's with launcher,that these is unbelivable,when i log in,if it doesn't say (you have been disconnected bla bla bla...) it says :Sesion has clossed when i'm picking a ****ing character,so basicly i can't evan enter a game properly....second example is :que end's and i should join pvp.net....but i d0n't i gotta first log out,and recconect so i finnaly get into the ****ing match.after a while ,when i play....it all freezes and i gota log out and recconect again....I've tried reinstaling,replacing windows,re-installing drivers and all the other sht.Guess what.....still doesn't work . Ur ****ing game...is a disaster,u got a major bug,...which u apparently don't give a **** about,becouse it last's for soo long that i don't evan remember when it started. If you want us too play ur game,make it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise why don't we all yust play HoN,or ****ing Dota 2 or WoW.we all know you copy/past thing's from WoW and DOTA,but atleast WoW make's ppl do suicide's becouse they are so ****ing addicted,u idiot's make ppl do suicide's becouse Lol's becoming more of a fail evry ****ing minute it exist's,we are BORED of your incompability to resolve our request's ,and ****inng major bug's in the game,My friend's have alredy quit these game for the same reason i will.Wait a few more month's when kid's grow boored of these game and it's bug's,and when the numbers will show you that ,you've got a serious problem.till then:GOODBYE RIOT,See you on WoW;Burning legion EU,when u face ur makers.

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Bump, started happening to me and four other friends on the NA Servers.
Approximated time before session closed started out at around 5 minutes yesterday.
By the time I am posting this today, it has gone down to roughly 2 minutes.
I cannot AFK anymore, and it doesn't just happen when I'm inactive, either.
I'll be joining games or creating rooms, browsing match histories, checking store, and then suddenly, I get the warning messages and the client closes.

It also occurs to me after finishing a game of -ANY- length, I will finish the game, click on Victory/Defeat, and then upon exiting, find that my login session has expired, and the client then closes without me being able to see stats, report players, etc.

This issue is the very definition of irritating and I think it probably hampers pretty much everyone's enjoyment of the game, so if possible, please fix - it doesn't seem to be a very uncommon bug either, judging by the number of views and replies.

I'm not sure if it is related to this either but my session also closes while I am in champion select, halting all my runepage, mastery, and champion selection without warning, forcing me to play a random hero with runes and masteries and spells that do not match. The whole client then freezes, and I am forced to forcibly close the program.
Upon restarting and logging in once more, I will find that I have in fact, joined that game, and am forced to reconnect, playing with undesirable settings.
Very. Very troublesome, and just a little bit kind of sort of gamebreaking.

Any update of your progress on this issue would be very comforting and pleasing, Riot.
Please help.

P.S. I still love you guys.

- FlashCry

Also, my modem is not any of the aforementioned models that supposedly have problems.

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hell i get this too icant even play a game this is really annoying

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man so many patches and still none of them fixes the problem seriosly just ignoring us ....