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I Hope the Tribunal is Swift and Just on this one

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Game starts. We had Shaco jungle and Nunu kept smite. Figured it was no big deal, he'd likely go bot with Ashe anyway...
He follows us to red.
Shaco sets up his boxes, starts red, and Nunu consume+smites it and steals it. Nunu started red, essentially.

He proceeds to steal more jungle, stay in solo lanes (mid and top, poor Ashe got stuck solo anyway) and steals CS and XP. He claims innocent and continues.
We are losing bad, we've all gone pretty negative. Except him. Somehow.
We ask the other team to report him, and they say, rather, they'll report me and Shaco for trying to simply report someone "better than us". Game ends, Nunu says he'll report us (me for verbal abuse, despite not saying anything abusive, not one profane word even) and gets their Ali and Kennen to agree to report us.
To make it worse, he kept on it in the post-game chat, called us bad (despite crippling us). He got particularly profane in the post-game chat (Riot, we need this stuff to be shown in the Tribunal).

tl;dr yes i mad and i know it isn't livejournal but
Just god damn, man. Servers messed up, finally get to play, finally get to play a game of Syndra, and we get this guy.

On a side note, anyone have champions that seem to be bad luck for you? Not in the sense you do bad, you but get a terrible lane elsewhere or a troll team mate? For me it used to be Talon. Now it is Syndra.