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Darius - Way too over powered?

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Best BeatwiferNA

Senior Member


the problem is that Darius gets to do stupid Damage with just a Phage (+20 attack damage) and from there he can just build Warmogs and Randuins, you can't kill Darius whle he's hitting like a truck, how's that not Op in the treeline where primary builds are a little more glass cannonny? he's not Op on Sr because if he gets to cocky then he'll get Tryndamere treatment, Chain stunned, silenced and ignored while he sees his whole team die and then he will have 5 angry people aiming their spells/guns/bows and swords towards him.

honestly, beating any champ comes down to player skill, and build. you know what darius does. you know his damage, and his skills, and what most darius's will build. so counter it. its that simple.

i like to play riven against darius. i can dodge his q with my e, and then go in to exchange with my q., use my w, q to get out. DESTROYS darius, makes me take little to no damage in comparison.

i dont rush bloodthirster against darius, like i would on most other champs... i'll build my double dorans, and then a phage, because i KNOW darius is going to build a phage. it allows me to continue trading with him. if he gets early ganks, and is ahead, or close, and they are a heavy ad team, i'll build hog, and work that into randuins later.

you arent going to beat darius by going glass cannon, and you know that, because you're complaining about him always beating you. change it up, and learn to kite.

a darius will literally follow you to the pool trying to kill you once he commits. once you've perfected kiting with a champ like kennen, teemo, corki, ez, etc, you will crush him. all about the bait.

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Junior Member


Like in 5s rank it is also easy to counter him in 3s rank with a well organised team.

But in normals... I don't really know ehh... got nothing. Sorry