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♥Suggestions for Improving the Tribunal♥

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With the new interface it has become clear to the players that The Tribunal isn't working effectively to ban players causing trouble within the game. The Tribunal itself is a fantastic concept allowing the players themselves to judge the community and decide what behavior is and is not acceptable. In this thread we will be working to make suggestions on how to improve the tribunal because right now it is clear that it is not working as effectively as it should be. Criticisms to my ideas are welcome and I will answer them in a comment as soon as I can as long as the thread is alive and I will also welcome your suggestions for what we can do to improve The Tribunal. This is our community so we have to work together to make sure that it is always at its best!

For those of you who haven't been on the forums during the release of the new interface with the ability for the players to see how that cases turn out it has become apparent that many of the cases are clearly coming to the wrong result. There are many possibly causes for this but the two main ideas for the culprit behind these problem cases are pardon spam and players only viewing the first case. The latter has an obvious solution that has been suggested by many people and that is to force players to click through all the cases before they can vote pardon or punish but this doesn't solve the issue of pardon spam as the problem reviewers would simply click through all of the cases without reading them, it would also prove as a hassle when there are many cases to review and it is apparent from the first case that the player needs to be punished. I believe that the hassle is worthwhile for better results. As for the more complex issue of problem reviews I address it several times in different ways with my proposed solutions.

First of all I think we need more information before we can come to a just decision about what should be done. We don't know if the problem cases are coming from only reviewing the first case or from pardon spam, we don't know how many games that player plays and how many of them the player is toxic in, and we don't know what kind of punishment will be sent to the player for how we vote. We might have vague ideas but we don't know for sure and that makes us come to conclusions in an inefficient manner. I have a few suggestions that might be able to help solve some of these problems but I think overall for the tribunal to be more effective we need more information.

For a moment lets forget the problem or whoever trying to ruin the game and focus on improving The Tribunal itself so the people who are working to come to a just decision can be better equipped to do so.

My first idea for improvement has to do with the players history of causing problems in the game. Its not very reasonable for us to review every single game the player has ever been in or in some cases to even review all the games the player has been reported in. Lets take a look at number 8 and in the FAQ

"8. How many reports put you in the Tribunal?

Typically a large number of reports are required before a player appears in the Tribunal, so if you had a bad game and are reported, don’t worry! You will most likely not end up in the Tribunal.
The Tribunal does take into account the credibility of the people who file reports. If you are a positive player in League of Legends and only report when the offenses deserve it, your reports will actually be worth a lot more in the Tribunal than someone who abuses the reporting system and falsely reports lots of players.
Generally, players who follow the Summoner’s Code and respect their fellow gamers should never be concerned about seeing the Tribunal."

so we are forced to assume that the player has been reported before when we are viewing the case that we see in the tribunal, which leads us to believe that everyone there is considered a problem player by more many players in the community. That alone requires too much assumption and leads to failures within the system. We need to know if the player has been causing trouble before what we are viewing and if so we need to know how much. We also need to know the reverse, if the player hasn't caused any trouble before and this is their one mistake in the game it wouldn't be just for us to punish them. My suggestion for improving this is to have a set number of reports required for a case to make it into the tribunal so we can know for sure what the player has done before and what we are dealing with before we are forced to come to a decision. I can't give exact numbers for what the system should use because I don't know statics of how many people are reported and how flooded the tribunal will become with cases if we start putting set numbers on it but here are some ballpark numbers for what I think should be done. Every time a player has 2 or more reports in a game a case should be prepared for the tribunal, and every time a player has 3 cases prepared those three cases should be sent to the tribunal to vote on. Granted The Tribunal may become flooded with cases if this isn't applied to carefully, and in order to help prevent flooding we could adjust how many cases a person is allowed to review, or give some seniority and allow people who have been with the tribunal for longer to vote on more cases, the seniority would be to reduce the amount of problem voting that is allowed to happen by someone who decides to come and spam pardon or punish for a few days.

This idea also ties in the number 9 on the FAQ

"9. Does playing more games mean I have more chances of being banned?

The Tribunal takes into account how many games you have played. If you have played thousands of games and get reported a dozen times, you will be less likely to enter than the Tribunal than someone who played a hundred games and is reported a hundred times. However, if you are extremely, unbelievably toxic in a small number of games, then the Tribunal does not care if you have played thousands of games."

I don't think its right for someone who starts causing trouble to other players to be giving special treatment because they have played more games than other people. It seems right to me to have a set number of reports required regardless to how many games the person has played because everyone needs to be treated equally when it comes to being judged for their actions. And for a brief moment I would like to address the elephant in the room with these rules. We understand that players who play more spend more money and we understand that Riot wants to keep around players who spend money on the game even if they are causing trouble for other members of the community, and we understand that by keeping these rules vague you allow yourselves to do that without breaking your own rules. But please, in the interest of doing whats right, make it more specific and fair for all players. By doing so you will allow the system to work better, have a nicer community, and it will pay off in the long run. More players means more spenders, and with the lost account form the paying player if they decide to reform they will probably pay again when they come back just like they did before. If what I say has any affect on convincing you to change your policy, I would like to apologize in advance to your customer serves department who has to deal with angry banned players who spent a bunch of money on this game demanding their money back.

Now for my second idea. Lets take a look at number 5 in The Tribunal FAQ

"5. How automated is the system?

The Tribunal automatically assigns some low-level penalties to players, such as e-mail warnings. More severe cases, however, are reviewed and assigned punishments manually by Player Support."

We don't know how automated the system is, so we don't know what kind of punishment we are dealing when we vote punish. This leads to all sorts of problems, in some cases someone could be thinking they would only be sending out a warning when in actuality they are sending a permaban, or they could think the player deserves a permaban and the player is only sent a warning. My suggestion is to allow players to vote on what kind of punishment should be given rather than a simple pardon or punish. With the current state of the system it is not reasonable for the players decisions to be absolute, so in the case of issuing anything more than a warning or a temp ban, whichever is reasonable with your available staffing they should be manually reviewed by Player Support, just like how the system is already working. This solution will also allow us to catch people who are spamming pardon or punish because their results wont very, and a simple review of their history will show if they are seriously working with the community's best interests or not.

Now for rule 14

"14. Does skipping count against your case limit?

Yes, but this could change in the future. The limit is currently 5 cases."

The error with it saying 5 cases instead of 15 while we are still allowed to do 15 cases is a cause of some confusion. If you are looking for where the error is here's the link to the FAQ where I'm getting these http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/faq/ aside from that, as i said before, allowing us or senior members of the tribunal to vote on more cases will help with traffic in a busier tribunal, but I'm sure u already know that, I just wanted to address the grammar issue. Also I feel like skipping shouldn't be counted as one of your judgements on a case, but I don't have much reasoning for this, its just my opinion.

Also I think the IP rewards should be removed. I heard you were doing that and I think that's a great decision. It will get rid of people who are only doing this for the rewards and make the system more accurate.

If you managed to get this far thanks for reading! If you didn't quite make it through the whole thing and your just reading the bottom that's okay. I'm sure your busy with other things, but please don't comment bashing one of the things I said when you don't know all of my ideas. I will try to keep this thread updated for awhile with all the latest information, so if it takes off feel free to post more than once as a response to something new.

There's an apparent problem with the system now, so lets try to fix all the problems while riot staff is taking the time to read our posts

TL;DR post your thoughtful ideas about how to fix the tribunal.

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I'm signing off for the night. It looks like this thread isn't getting any attention so I'm going to give it one bump and see if anything happens. If it isn't in the top two pages in the morning I'm going to stop following this thread. I'm kind of discouraged. I just came to these forums and it seems like not too many people are interested in making realistic improvements. Maybe it's just an off day but it seems like a lot of the people are here to complain about being banned or to bash people who just got banned.