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OP Character Stats

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Basic attacks, autofire attacks should not be more than my full bar of heath at level 13 or so (no matter my character).
Varus basic attack (spammable) hits for 1400-2100 (80% physical damage) at that level.
This is seriously OP, imo.
Also, champions who are melee DPS but have stealth, should have less damage and archers, such as Varus and Ashe, who can fire rapid powerful volleys from far away, should be squishier up close and within melee range.
I am new to this game, but I have noticed these issues, over and over again. Also, these are all with basic, low cost/frequently free to play champions that everyone can get and take little skill to play.
For instance, Diana can do a great deal of damage but takes 2-3 spells stacked on top of one another to do so. But champions with basic attacks that require one, simple, right click to do that much damage AT RANGE, are OP.

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I feel like this is in the wrong part of the forums. Also, build armor maybe?

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Shadow Eklipps

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Varus and ashe die quick o.O