First Ranked Game

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There's been so much doom and gloom on the forums lately that I thought I would post something a little lighter.

Recently I've been trying to work myself up to the point where I think I'd be ready for a ranked game. Solid mid and support play but shaky jungle and AD carry at best with no solo top experience. Yesterday I got bribed into trying one match.

They removed my Karthus. Oh well. We eliminated Blitz, Lee Sin, and Alistar. Absolutely hate supporting against a good Blitzcrank or Alistar. Can't remember their second pick, but they took too long and only got two bans. It was quite funny.

Their first pick was Katarina. Seemed like an odd first pick to me, but I countered with Zyra as the first pick on our team. I've had good experience in that matchup before (normals naturally). Exhaust is particularly evil in this matchup rather than ignite. Teams fill out with little else in the way of counters. End results: we have no jungle or tank while they have a Malphite support with Evelynn jungle. Doesn't that just make you cringe? So we either win early or get squashed.

Overall, one of the best experiences I've had so far in a PvP match. We didn't have a tank, but everyone built as a bruiser of sorts (exception being Graves). No jungler, but everyone worked together to distribute buffs as often as possible. Dragon control was shaky, but we had the advantage on it, except for a single steal by them. Their Evelynn jungler was horrible at ganks while the Malphite couldn't get enough gold to build anywhere near tanky. Overall, it was a very one-sided match with us winning all lanes through a combination of ganks via duo top and tracking Evelynn at all times.

Level 6 baiting Katarina into doing her Shunpo->Ult combo. Exhaust, root, and ult later a Wukong comes out of the bushes to punish her before she can finish me.