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tryndamere doesnt need a buff, he needs a remake to become an ad fighter

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a simple solution that, in my point of view will fix tryndamere.

melee carries are always underated because they have to jump right in the face of the enemy team to deal damage, but if they get exposed, they die.

fiora, yi, xin zhao and olaf can be build as ad fighters. mixing armor, mr and health with ad. this way they can deal quite a nice damage without dying like a twitch.

unfortunally, there is one thing that makes them able to deal damage with ad fighter build, and tryndamere doesnt have that.
attack speed spells.

in order to have enough damage and durability, you have to let go on attack speed items, but this way you wont deal enough damage with basic attacks, so what makes it possible for them to be ad fighter is attack speed increasing spells.

olaf's passive: increases 1% as for 1% hp missing
fiora's spell: 120% bonus as for 3 secconds
xin zhao's spell: 80% bonus as for 5 secconds
yi's ultimate: 80% as for 12 secconds

tryndamere doesnt have anything like that.... so the answer to make him viable(at least on my poiny of view) is to give some of his spells an as bonus. my sugestions are

passive: increases AS and crit chance based on fury.
i think it wouldnt work well since he wouldnt be able to build up fury quickly, so either it would have to last really long before decreasing or he would need a new way to generate fury other than basic attacks.

bloodlust: increases AD and AS by health missing
this would be like olaf's passive, but i'm not sure it would work since unlike olaf, tryndamere has nothing to damage other than basic attacks, so he would be weak at high health. unless his spin would become a usefull damage tool like olaf's reckless swing.

giving some of his spells a bonus AS on activation.
mocking shout or bloodlust would grant tryndamere a bonus AS for a few secconds. maybe giving bloodlust a passive or active life steal would work better than a 200hp heal that significantly decreases your damage output.

mixing proposal 1 with 3
this way he wouldnt suck at full health nor suck after his AS burst was on cooldown. but ofc, the bonus's wouldnt be so strong, this way he would have a nice dps at full health, a nice dps at low health when the spell was on cooldown and a great dps when both were up.

and my final proposal is to entirely remake his kit so this could function well without making him weaker than most or too strong to deal with.

ofc, this is only my point of view. i'm sure many of you will disagree with me, but there is no need to trash the thread.

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It seems that, either all the melee carries will need to be changed to either bruisers or assassins, or they'll need some sort of unique changes to make them relevant as their own class of champion.

Compare the melee AD carries (Yi, Fiora, Gangplank, Tryndamere) to Riven. Riven has solid DPS and burst, a good balance between skill and attack focus, and she has what she needs to move around the battlefield, either to pose a threat to enemies, or to juke around and draw focus. She has built-in defense and offense scaling that allows her to flexibly build either way for the situation.

Riven's the closest thing to a balanced melee AD carry, but she's not a carry.

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Was going to read the thread, because it looked like it might have good arguments and a point.

Noticed the lack of capitalization.

Bothered me enough to stop reading.

Just saying.

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Unique items made for the Melee Carry class (such as Ghosblade) are probably what we need more then anything.

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The problem with Tryndamere is he comes from a time when all AD characters were made with AP in their kit to give them different options with Tryndamere having 100% AP ratio on his spin and 150% ratio on his heal.

He needs to push lanes constantly because of his fury requiring him to auto attack creeps. Tryndamere's ult combined with the passive on his Q is the only thing that makes him strong, it makes him so strong they can't buff him or he'd end up being too strong.

I think if you upped his fury gain from 5 to about 20 and generate more fury for every minion or champion Tryndamere spins through, lower his cooldowns when he has rage or something and scale his spin with AD or rage or % health missing or something, make him tankier with higher base stats and changed his ult into a buff of 100% crit chance, 150%/200%/250% crit damage and possibly 30% attack speed for a short duration he'd be a bit better as you'd build him Tanky solo top as he should be built and even though you won't have as much damage as you do now you'll survive more with tanky bruiser builds and still get nice damage when you activate his ult but he'll no longer be immortal so you can burst him down or CC him under a turret.

You could change his heal into a Lifesteal buff duration and % depends on how much rage you had when you used or maybe just increase the heal on it based on your Max HP rather than 150% AP ratio and his mocking shout can get a change into something or just leave it as it's a decent ability.