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Unwarranted increase in punishment.

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My Warning got changed to a Time Ban without any warrant whatsoever, and they didn't even bother to send me an email. There should be a test for people who want to become Tribunal judges.

Long form:
I got a Warning and a warning email.

So I looked at the case reports. It was some petty "crime": calling people hackers for being exceedingly overpowered hackers, and asking my team ONCE, at the end of the game, when they surrendered to a team that wasn't coordinated, if they were idiots. It wasn't continual badgering. It was one line of text where I vented at their lack of willingness to try harder.

Then, two days later, my Warning magically changes into a Time Ban, without there being any additional reports, and without any real reason to ban me. I received no email this time.

The Tribunal is a joke to begin with, but this is additionally stupid. The Tribunal relies on a tyranny of the majority, instead of an educated judge with impartial judgment, so there is indeed a big fat flaw in the Tribunal. People on average aren't intelligent, since half of them are below average. The Tribunal's judgment method is flawed because it puts a cleaver in the hands of a mass of uneducated and unintelligent people.

If someone wants to join the tribunal, there should be:
1. An ethics test
2. A test for impartiality
3. A basic IQ test
4. A test to see if they read the Summoner's Code and know what it means. Use examples of REAL crimes, so these plebeians know how to identify them properly, instead of spawning false positives.

And make sure they can't just go back and take the test until they get the right answers. There needs to be a time delay before they can take the test again, like 3 months.

You can ask the US police about their personality tests, because they do the same thing when they recruit cops.