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Tribunal bug

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Hey, guys. First thread ever, so hurrah!
Anyway, I'd like to post a little bug that I've been experiencing since the new Tribunal changes.
Every now and then, you'll get a case where you cannot see the reported player's chat. You can, however, see their All Chat, though it will appear black in color opposed to purple, and the reported player's name won't show up.
You can find a link to the album with the proof screen shots here (http://imgur.com/a/oqkMQ).
This makes it rather hard to judge several cases, especially those that have to do with the player's attitude. I look forward to a swift fix.

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Had the same error with a few cases, but there was a particular case in which i couldn't see any chat at all. No allies, no enemies, no All chat. Just a blank slate where chat should be and below that the overall score. The player got reported in two games, in the first one everything normal, in the second one, no chat. I suppose it's the new tribunal bug, still don't know exactly if anyone else got something similar.

Edit: So, according to some other threads, the black text it's a bug with the Reported Player Nickname, due to the use of some strange characters to form it. Its being tested as we speak.
Instead, i took a screenshot to allow the rare bug to be seen here (http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/pmbrbmbvswepy113pikx.jpg)