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What Champions do you think will become more Popular with Draft "back"?

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So I guess the title explain everything...

Me personaly I think that those two might see more play

Talon- Hes like an AD version of Glass Cannon Kassadin since the chances Kassadin ever sliping throgh the bans are like very low he may be seeing more play in the hands of people who like hit-and-run style champs and hes actualy a good Kill laner bot against Squishy mage laners like Karthus(went like 9-2-3 that game lol) and Heimerdinger

Galio-While I think he on top is lacking due to long CDs for a Mage and Lack of Utility comparing him to most Tanks and Supports whithout his Ult, but I messed up a lot with him as bot lane Caster and hes not bad at all he can Stalemate with most mages(and belive it or not he wins against Yorick lol) right of the Bat and he also have a good killing potential on them since you don't need to save your ult(most of cases you can kill them without need of Ganks) for major fights 99% of the time and even against Ads I could Stalemate the lane after RoA+FH actually the only Laners that gave me problemn were Jax and Darius(this one more due the fact that I messed up Kiting him them anything)