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Riven or Olaf? Redux

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Both champs are very fun to play, not too much experience in lane as I main jungle, but I prefer playing Olaf to Riven due to his true damage and axes.

When laning Olaf, I would say max out your E and just powerstrike your opponent every now and then, the true damage is really, really powerful early on.
I also like Olaf better because you can go straight into building tanky/health items, his E doesn't scale off of anything and is just pure damage which is extremely useful and his W scales off health. Very nice.
His axes really help with farming, I'd suggest using them like Darius's Q to clear a wave quickly and get each minion.

With Riven though, she really becomes useful if you can get a few nice early kills with her, if not then you're going to have a bad time mid game.
Her farming is easy. To harass just walk up and W, autoattack then E away.

As for late game, I would say Olaf is better most of the time (depending on enemy team) as he can just walk through any CC in a team fight while Riven has to sit and wait to get out some damage.

I'd suggest Olaf over Riven, he really can turn a teamfight around since he has that "I pick you, you die now" power.

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Actually, can I ask about another champ while this is here? How does Nidalee fair in the current game? I imagine her ranged attacks would give me strong harass at early levels, and while she's not the best teamfighter, I could always just split push (something I'd benefit from learning) She shares problems with Riven though, since people can just build armor and ignore her damage, assuming I don't go AP, which I probably wouldn't unless I had some experience with her.