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So. Sona.

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I think I like this idea for a core build:
Archangel's Staff
Frozen Heart
Abyssal Scepter

Leaves her plenty of AP and a couple nice auras to benefit the party. Shame Innervating's active is selfish only now; the party would have gotten a lot out of her spamming it.

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I went 15/2/34 last night with her. I was pretty much unstoppable.I couldn't two shot someone but I felt I was pretty capable support with added damage.


Quints: Flat Health
Marks: Magic Pen
Seals: Scaling MP Regen per 5
Glyphs: Flat Cooldown Reduction

Skill Leveling:


Maxed Q and E after that putting priority on ult and leveled E last.

First Item: Meki Pendant

I farmed went back and got Boots and made a Tear. Farmed more went back bought Archangels Staff and Merc Treads.

From here I rushed a Frozen Heart and started a second Staff. End up with two Staffs, Merc Treads, Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil, and Locket (The game was in the bag when I picked up the locket)

I ended up with 15 kills and 34 assists so I had plenty of money and I could have gotten a Soulstealer but I hate snowball items.

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i found it really lacking when i went with full support/aura items, did anyone try to defend a tower with that kind of build? lost a couple of towers yesterday simply because i couldnt do any damage to them while they hit the towers, or outpush their minion waves, i was feeling completely useless alone, wich is ok on paper for a support hero, but its really bad while actually playing the game
it felt like shes a great hero when your team is winning, and useless when youre losing

her harass potential is HUGE because of the passive. get 2 passive charges, keep farming, and when theres an opening, Q and autoattack once, it does a LOT of damage.. i had to mid yesterday against a vlad, i could not only outpush him, but outharass him early game(after he maxed transfusion he was just outhealing my damage so we just farmed), wich says a lot on its own since vlad can be such a pain in the ass sometimes

after playing like 15 games with her iam more inclined towards an ap build, she really needs that extra damage, better harass, better pushing wich translates in better defense, and you also get a pretty good heal
with cdr/regen you probably outheal an ap build over time, but healing chunks of health in team fights is far more important than healing little by little over a period of time.
the only way a cdr/regen build is superior healing wise is on those silly stand offs where most of the time ppl just break off and go farm lanes anyways

lichbane is pretty good on her, a sheen is not, because of her low base attack and because its silly to autoattack with her unless youre going for a Q+passive