Sivir does need a buff and here's why

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Sivir was long ago considered a top tier champion in the game's first preseason metagame. Which was push teams. A popular team Comp would start with Sivir, Alistar, and Taric and then have some squeeze room.

Now, when it came time for the sivir nerfs, she got nerfed, Aura items got nerfed, and her popular teammates got nerfed.

Thus resulting in sivere (spelling intended) nerfs for her.

I'm not saying she's terribly bad, but she definately needs help. Infact, look at a couple of months ago when the heimer push comp developed. People didn't even think about sivir in a push metagame.

Here are a couple of ideas I've seen tossed around.

1: Add a small stackable slow on BB like 15 or 20% that can stack twice rewarding good BB's

2: Increase her range back to 450 or maybe 425

3: Make spell shield more rewarding, even if it means reducing its duration.

Now, not all these idea's at once but sivir does need some help to become viable.