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Look Awesome, Plays Fail... Who's That Champion!

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You Guessed it! Syndra, The Dark Sovereign

High Mana Costs
High Skill Cap
Low Dmg On Single Skill other than her Ultimate over 3 orbs.
Low Reward for Well placed Orbs and Combo's
Health, Low
Difficulty: Extreme
Move Speed: Snail

Syndra's Low Ratio's Make her kit wanting. They Lack what it takes to perform well mid without laning vs an idiot or getting camped by your jungler.

Syndra's Q.

Very Low Dmg. Maybe 1/10th of enemy hp. Early game takes a decent chunk of mana.

Lvl 1-5: If you hit some1 with this, usually if they traded with you, you lost out. GJ.
If you have your W, you can slow before landing this to make sure you can hit it, otherwise its AoE is very small and any1 with boots can dodge it and laugh, or take it to the face and deal more dmg to you while you have to run.

Why do you have to run?

Because if you used your Q (which also has shorter range than i believe it should) Then you have 1 1/2 seconds to wait to use it again, to deal another 1/10th of their life. You have your W available, but you have to scurry around to try to pick up your D.Sphere or a minion. The while you're being hit, hopefully not cc'd. And if you didnt flash, ur moving like a snail to escape. W will hit them for about 2/10ths of their life. You've done 4/10ths of their life if u actually hit with another Q. If they arent idiots they're running slanted from your orbs, so u cant stun them. And to stun them on command, you have to wait for your Q again. If you used the previous Q to stun them, u didnt dmg them, because to hit them with the stun u cant land Q on top of them or it doesnt work. So they have 6/10th's of their life. While you're surely at half if not worse.

Let me try to Clear it up.

If your playing against a Mid Champ with Hard CC. Stun/Snare, Silence.

Most mid champs with these have high dmg pre 6. Guess what...u dont.

You harass with Q, you do laughable dmg and if they traded with you, u've lost out.
U harass with W, you do decent dmg, but it cost u a chunk of mana and u cant use it again for 11seconds. And when i say decent i mean like 2/10'th's to 3/10'ths.

Both of these you have to lead to hit, and while ur trying to set it up, your opponent is doing one of 2 things. Running around erratically to evade knowing they are ur most dmging skills. Making sure u cant hit them with it. Or running str8 at you since if you stand there they can do more dmg to u, and if u run, u have a better chance of missing ur skill shot. If they see you use ur W, and they run till its out, now they can harass u freely. All you have is Q and E. Q does barely any dmg till maxed, and E does almost no dmg and requires a sphere to be useful, and to stun them with sphere u cant previously of used it on them, unless u hit them with it and their response was to run in a str8 line away from it.

While these poke harass exchanges are happening lvls 1-5, Any of these hard cc champs can stun/snare, silence you and whip on u while u run with ur slow movement speed and high demand skills that do barely any dmg.

During these exchanges they can easily do 1/3rd to 1/2 of your HP taking only like 2/10ths dmg of their life. Easily pushing u out of lane and out farming you.

Champs with Gap Closers:

If the Jungler gets in on you, or you randomly encounter one.

Im not gonna say much about this since technically u shouldnt be fighting them without a teammate. Its not like ur top lane( As i was one match -__-) But these champs can dash/jump on you and you have to flash. If its down, your turtle speed will get u killed. All u can hope for is to use ur Qin front of u, walk past it, then wave backwards.
Take note, this isnt how to fight them, its how to escape them. As i said, u shouldnt HAVE to fight them. When i was top i did a great job vs xin. But whenever i entered his dash range, hed take half my life and id have to pop a pot and care more about his range. Any dmg i did to him was easily life stole from minions. But this is how u escape closers, u Q ahead of you, walk past it, wave backwards. Pray they didnt step on the sphere when u waved, cuz it doesnt count that for some reason. And yes, u did lose half ur life while they were attacking you, and no, u didnt do any dmg to them, and no, u better not turn around to fight them. Syndra has no shield or dmg mitigation, and she doesnt have the burst of an assassin. So u dont have what it takes to fight these people heads on. Also, the small chance she does have is kind of off put by the cast time of Q and W. And low timer on her spheres to stay out.

* Also, i say you shouldn't have to fight these people, i covered it cuz...Talon, Kat, etc...rapecake ur face. Ask for jungler to camp or change lanes.

Skillshot champs through minions:

Orianna, Ahri, lux, etc.... Awful to lane against.
You can hit with ur Q, and if they're dumb enough to stand around with ur W. But as stated, their dmg is so low (especially since u should lvl Q first) and mana cost so high, they just evade then respond with their own skill shot through minions, doing way more dmg than u could dream to do. All the while farming.


Sure any1 can just farm, i suppose. But this relies on ur team a bit. Ur jungler has to camp lane, wards have to be placed and cleared. So ur safe in lane to farm. Otherwise, the only other way to JUST FARM is to turret hug and scrounge up what minions u can there. All the while, ur enemy mid is farming unhindered like a boss and ur getting far behind, and they are becoming the carry u'll only dream of being. And they can leave lane to gank while ur stuck clearing minions to middle of lane. Just farming requires a good jungler as to not get super behind and allow enemy mid to get out of control. Also, Syndra to farm, needs a bit of AP, and her best farming method is W a wave, then Q it, E if needed after. However that is costly, about 1/3rd total mana. 2-3 waves ur about out if you havent bought a bigger pool or regen or have good regen runes on ur page.

Soooo TL,DR.

Syndra underwhelming 1v1, loses most exchanges due to high mana costs, high CD's, and low dmg paired with high skill cap. Not enough Reward for the risk involved in playing her.

She shines in team fights, but needs good team support to become the carry she needs to be early game. Meaning frequent ganks and protection, warding and team communication.

Her Erratic Burst Dmg, and Low Survivability in kit, puts her in a weird spot...almost more of a support. She needs alot of practice to master, and even then requires a good team.

Solo que: AWFUL PICK
Team play: There are WAY better choices. Needs a team comp for best effectiveness.

Prediction: Buffs coming, or shoebox(trollgames)

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I realize it is the first day this champ has been out but I strongly believe she needs some small tweaks and buffs. Nothing huge but she just needs to get more reward for her ridiculous skillcap. Compare Syndra to Veigar. I mean seriously, compare their skills. Syndra is inferior in almost all aspects INCLUDING her cc. The only really interesting thing that makes her quite unique is her ability to pick up super minions, jungle buffs, Heim turrets/Zyra plants/Annie Tibbers, and interrupt teleports.

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I only played her once, but I noticed her mana costs are ridiculous. At level 14 I could throw out a couple skills and have to b for mana or to heal because I was near dead from two hits. x_x

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Compare her to Veigar? But Veigar is easy.

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I don't know how the stun actually works, but i was thinking, what if when u press the skill buton, it looks like lulu's Q when u have pix in the enemy?, pressing the skill and then one arrow appears from each orb, targeting one area and all the orbs go there, that should work better, no?, the targeting mechanic isn't that easy, and that wouldn't decrease the "appreciated" skill cap that champ has.

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She's actually crazy powerful if you're skilled enough to play her. To answer your questions about her stun; the stun mechanic works like all of the other knock-back mechanics in game, you just have to aim your orbs or have a bunch of them so you're less likely to miss.

I haven't had a chance to play her myself but the games I've been in where she is being played well, she pretty much carried the entire team. I'm not exactly great at her style of play anyways, so even if I did get to play her I'd probably botch it hardcore too. It might be just us that can't play her, lol.

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xJLx MCHammer

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I just fought 4 consecutive games against Syndra as Cass. Although, I didn't use her, I can tell you this, she hits very hard. In fact, she hits incredible hard if built right.

Each game we started with Boots X3 Pots. Then we all went to 2X Doran. And again, we took the same path as Unholy Grail, and Abyssal Scepter. I noticed that they did use a lot of mana, but each user had mana pots till they got 2x doran. After that, they went into Athene's unholy Grail. After this, we both were spamming are QWE constantly.

Personally, I've fought her nearly every game I played. Did I beat her, yes, mostly; but obviously it's only the second day of her release. It will take time to built her, and use her correctly. I personally find her a very good mid character because she has a enormous range on her stun which is good when u traveling Top and Bot.

She like Cass seems to be quite squishy because even with 100+ resist, she gets killed quick with 4x E from Cass.

again, her Ult hits very hard. I believe in the first game, she took over 60% of my HP (late game) after she stunned me

Give her a week or two, people will show you how dangerous she gets. I personally think by mid-late game, she can easily carry a team with damage if there is a smart initiator/ tank. So in conclusion, she is probably semi-OP by a good player, otherwise, mediocre

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Stray Logos

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I don't know how the stun actually works, but i was thinking, what if when u press the skill buton, it looks like lulu's Q when u have pix in the enemy?, pressing the skill and then one arrow appears from each orb, targeting one area and all the orbs go there, that should work better, no?, the targeting mechanic isn't that easy, and that wouldn't decrease the "appreciated" skill cap that champ has.

I actually really like this idea. Syndra is one of the few champions that I've had to turn smartcasting off for in order to properly aim her stun. Even then it is much harder than it needs to be. Adding arrows to at leash show the direction they will go would help in landing stuns on the fly, or against mobile enemies.

Edit: I'm a little bit confused why I've been down voted. Are people against usability improvements for characters? There is no glory to be had in playing a "hard" champion when the reason they are difficult is not due to player skill, but awkward mechanics.

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Athene's Holy Grail + Rod of Ages

Higher mana pool
Higher mana regen
Lower Cooldowns

Also, this is a QQ thread, you lost all your games but 1 since you bought her, therefore she's up? look at what you buy first, study the champ, High Skill Cap = High Rewards

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Well I think riot balanced her way to much, she is very weak. I understand her mechanics and k play her very well. But unless I can get 3 orbs out for ultimate she can't do almost any damage. I noticed she is prolly the best farmer in the game, but all it takes is someone to come up with ad and attack speed ot kill me fairly quickly.

Her orbs don't last long enough to get 3 out in a useful amount of time to finish her ultimate, and if you can't get 3 out your ultimate does almost nothing.

Things I think will make her up to par with everyone, because I love how she plays. But she is just to 'balanced" that I can't get any damage.

Decrease the cd to 3 second so you can lower it enough to get three out, and increase the duration of the orbs to at like a half a second longer.

increase the the range of force of will, in the champion spot like you said that you should be able to do enough damage to kill a opponent before they can even touch which is very false.

increase the ap scalling across the board. Mainly on scatter and ult.

Honestly the scalling needs to be a lot bigger on her ult, if you guys are going ot make it this hard to get out all three orbs then make it so if oyu have all three orbs it does amazing damage, but if you don't and say only have two then it still does great damage like other champs.

she needs a slight increase on armor/magic resist. I feel like on other ap champs I can get away by swaying away from defense because I can blast them away before they do really damage, on sydra one blast= 1/3 of my health.