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[Insert Patch Day Complaint Here]

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Please fill out all entries legibly in black or blue ink

Dear Riot, it is patch day once again, and I am displeased with your service for the following reason(s): (check all that apply)

[ _ ] I wanted to play League of Legends, but am unable to do so because the servers are down

[ _ ] I realize that the servers are down for maintenance, but in my professional opinion as someone who has never written a line of code but who has rebooted a computer many times, I feel that the maintenance time could be shorter

[ _ ] I am displeased with the cost of the new Champion, as in my professional opinion as a full-time non-paying customer, I feel it should be (check one) [ _ ] 3150 [ _ ] 1350 [ _ ] 25 [ _ ] 0 IP

[ _ ] I am deeply concerned over the changes to (fill in item) ___________ , as it was the centerpiece of my strategy, and I am unable to adapt to using other items

[ _ ] I am outraged over the changes to (fill in Champion) _________ , as I have been playing this Champion since I heard he was "OP", and am unable to adapt to using other Champions

In addition, my concerns are enhanced by the following considerations (check all that apply):

[ _ ] I was unaware that Tuesday mornings are patch day and have been caught entirely by surprise by this fact, despite Tuesday mornings having been patch day since the very first day League of Legends was released, and despite regular announcements reminding all players that Tuesday mornings are patch day

[ _ ] I have nothing better to do at the moment, as I am (check all that apply) [ _ ] not at work, [ _ ] at work but not working, or [ _ ] a student and currently neglecting my homework

[ _ ] I only get to play League of Legends for (enter playtime) __ hours a week, and since your servers are down for 8 hours, minus the (enter time sleeping in) __ hours I sleep in, that is (subtract second entry from 8 hours) __ hours I am unable to play your game

[ _ ] I only play League of Legends while waiting for my Raid to start in World of Warcraft, at which point I promptly abandon my League of Legends game and leave my hapless teammates to fend for themselves, but am unable to do so, because World of Warcraft is also down for maintenance at the same time

[ _ ] I am convinced that the contents of this patch were deliberately targeted toward me and my playstyle, despite the fact that half the League of Legends player base has been running the same Champion / item combination for the last several weeks

As a result of my concerns outlined above, I will be taking the following actions (check all that apply):

[ _ ] Withholding my patronage of your service for (enter time remaining until servers are up) __ hours

[ _ ] Voting a "thumbs-down" on the official announcement of the patch from the Riot representative

[ _ ] Entering a comment on the thread for the official announcement of the patch, outlining my grievances

[ _ ] Getting angry at any other posters who "thumbs-down" my grievance comment(s)

[ _ ] Request an IP boost as compensation because, well, I need an IP boost

[ _ ] Request that you provide an explanation for your behavior (not including your having announced the patch in advance, the repeated explanations from your customer service representatives regarding the need for scheduled downtime, the many illuminations from your designers regarding design changes, and repeated patient explanations from other helpful players on issues I am not yet able to comprehend)


_____________ (enter summoner name or smurf account name)

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+1 Internets.